Monday, June 3, 2013

View of Temple Mount / Eastern Gate

This is an update of the earlier post showing the interior of the Temple Mount.

In the foreground on the left is a large building representing the synagogue which was located on the eastern side of the Temple Mount. Just beyond the synagogue is the Sanhedrin courthouse. The other buildings are nondescript offices for Temple personnel.

Floating above the Temple Mount is an array of roof panels. The heights of the panels are staggered so that sunlight can come through, but they still offer enough coverage to shield the majority of the area from the hot summer sun and the winter rains. I have not yet decided if these are to be made of wood and supported by sturdy poles placed throughout the Temple Mount, or if they should be made of canvas and hung from ropes attached to the walls. The picture shows the eastern wall of the Temple Mount, which was lower than the other walls, but on the other three sides the roof panels would be roughly at the same height as the top of the walls, or 40 amos above floor level.

Looking east on the Temple Mount

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