Monday, January 27, 2014

View of the Chamber of Shekalim

The Chamber of Shekalim (background)
near the northwest corner of the Courtyard
As described in an earlier post, there were 13 collection boxes, called shofaros on account of their long, curved necks which resembled a shofar, which were placed within the Courtyard. Two of them were used to collect the half-shekel donations brought to the Temple by the public each year. Both of these shofaros were kept inside a chamber located in one of the corners of the Courtyard. As the donations came in, the treasurers would deposit them into these shofaros and issue a receipt to the donor. At the end of each day the coins would be transferred to a (larger) storage container also located inside this chamber.
Within the Chamber of Shekalim were two shofaros,
a writing desk, and a large storage cabinet

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