Sunday, April 13, 2014

Update for Chavitin Chamber and Southeast Corner of the Courtyard

Here is a quick update before Pesach showing another view of the Chamber of the Makers of the Chavitin. Among other small improvements, the Kohanim now have a new hand cart to bring supplies from the Chamber of the Oils and the chimney has a cover to keep out the rain.

Chamber of the Makers of the Chavitin.

The Chamber of the Makers of the Chavitin has now taken its place in my Temple model along the eastern Courtyard wall just south of the Nikanor Gate. This chamber is flanked by two of the tall columns supporting the wooden roof of the portico. Further along the eastern wall, closer to the corner of the Courtyard, is the entrance to the Chamber of the Oils located in the Women's Courtyard. Another small addition just visible in this picture is the door adjacent to the Water Gate which leads up to the Avtinas Chamber. After the Avtinas family would compound the Incense they would bring it down to the Courtyard through this door. On the morning of Yom Kippur the Kohen Gadol would enter the Courtyard through this door after having immersed in the mikveh located atop the Water Gate.

Southeast corner of the Courtyard.
Altar is in the foreground.

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