Monday, October 6, 2014

The Building of a מקדש מעט

For the busy days before Succos, here is a slight diversion from the Second Temple proper but still something which centers around the building of a Mikdash.

The Gemara (Megillah 29a) explains that shuls and study halls are referred to as a מקדש מעט, small Temple, meaning a place where God can rest His Presence while the Jews are yet in exile and awaiting the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. The shul next door to our house just celebrated its third Rosh Hashanah davening in its new building and here is a time lapse video showing its construction. As inspiring as it is (for the members, at any rate) to see this shul go up, we yearn for our eyes to be brightened by the sight of the actual Temple being built — either by us or through the hands of heaven — speedily in our days.

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