Friday, June 2, 2017

Refurbished Lego® Altar (Once Again)

In honor of my Loaves and Lambs presentation I tinkered with my Lego® Altar again (since the last time). I took it apart and played with the scale of things to make it more minifig-friendly. Here is the result:

The completed Altar, with Main Ramp and one minor ramp (to the Yesod, or base, on the western side). The minor ramp on the eastern side is not yet built.

Detail of the inside of the Main Ramp:

The top of the Altar with the three fires, attended by a solitary Kohen:

I would like to thank Hallel Newman for providing the lovely 3d printed accessories used by my minifig Kohanim: the Shtei Halechem (two loaves brought in the Courtyard on Shavuos), slaughtering knife, and mizrak (cone-shaped pitcher for receiving the blood of sacrificial animals).

The accessories in action:

This Kohen has the difficult task of performing tenufah (waving) with one loaf of the Shtei Halechem together with one of the (live) sacrificial lambs:

 The Kohen applies some of the sacrificial blood to the southwest corner of the Altar.

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