Monday, July 23, 2018

Set of Three Mikdash Models in LEGO®

After building a simple Lego model of the Second Temple (more about that here) I decided to put together a set of all three Temples at the same scale. Although the First and Second Temples were quite similar, there were a number of differences between them, some of which can be seen in the models below.

• In the First Temple, King Solomon put roofs over the chambers in the corners of the Women's Courtyard. In the Second and Third Temples these chambers have no roofs and are open to the sky.
• The Sanctuary Building of the First Temple was taller than that of the Second Temple.
• In the First Temple, King Solomon built an ornate copper vessel that held water and was used by the Kohanim as a mikveh. It was called the Sea of Solomon and is visible in the photos below as a yellow 1x1 round plate just to the northeast of the Outer Altar. In the Second and Third Temples there is no Sea.

The design of the First and Second Temples comes from Tractate Middos while the design of the Third Temple is based on the explanation of Rashi to Ezekiel.

From L to R: First Temple, Second Temple, Third Temple
Temple models viewed from the south

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