Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Temple Mount Model

It has been nearly two thousand years since Mount Moriyah has seen a Jewish Temple, but thanks to the efforts of Yitzy Kasowitz and jbrick, we can now see the Temple and surrounding areas in miniature. As a follow-up to jbrick's successful Holy Temple model they are now offering an add-on model of the entire Temple Mount.

This new model is made of over 1,400 genuine Lego® bricks and is the perfect setting to showcase your Holy Temple model. The Temple Mount model includes a full set of detailed instructions that also provide background educational material about the Temple. 

Yitzy spends a good deal of time doing the research to make sure that the Temple is portrayed according to traditional Jewish sources. In this model we can see the five gates of the Temple Mount (Middos 1:3), including the Tadi Gate in the northern wall with its uniquely shaped lintel (Middos 2:3), the soreg (wooden fence) that surrounds the Courtyards (ibid.), the colonnade that ran along the interior of the walls where they would place the todah loaves on erev Pesach as a signal for when it was forbidden to eat chametz (Pesachim 1:5), and we also see how the eastern wall of the Temple Mount was lower than the others (Middos 3:4). Although not mentioned in Jewish sources, this model also features the impressive Herodian Royal Stoa along the southern side of the Mount (Josephus, Antiquities 15:410–420).

View of the Temple Mount's northeast corner showing the portico (photo: Yitzy Kasowitz).

As usual in Yitzy's models, there is more goodness hiding beneath the surface. Tunnels (Middos 1:9), storage areas (see Middos 1:6), and levels of arches (Parah 3:3) are all included to deepen your understanding of the Temple and its structure.

May we merit to see the building of the Third Beis Hamikdash speedily in our days!

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