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Yoma 46b – 48b: Chamber of the Keilim


As the Kohen Gadol prepared to offer the Ketores on Yom Kippur, they would bring him an empty ladle from the Chamber of the Keilim. This room was located somewhere within the Azarah, although its exact location is unknown.

The Chamber of the Keilim was where most of the 93 vessels used in the daily avodah were stored. These 93 vessels were actually three sets of 31 vessels, since the Beis Hamikdash kept on hand two backup copies of each of its vessels in case one of the originals should become unfit for use. Each day these vessels were brought out and placed upon a silver table next to the Mizbeyach

The following is a suggested list of the 31 vessels:
1-2) Measuring cups for dry goods.
3-8) Measuring cups for liquids.
9-12) Knives.
13) Mizrak for receiving blood of the korban.
14) Golden cup to water the Tamid lamb.
15) Teni, a golden basket to collect ashes from the Mizbeyach Hazahav.
16) Kuz, a cup to hold unused oil from the Menorah. 
17) Large spoon to hold the innards brought to the Mizbeyach.
18) Large spoon to carry the bezach (see below). 
19) Cover for the large spoon.
20) Bezach, a smaller spoon to hold the Ketores
21) Silver shovel to collect coals for the
22) Golden shovel to carry coals into the Heychal. 
23) Pesachter, a large, multipurpose container. 
24) Magreifah, a shovel-like utensil.
25) Bowl for mixing minchah-offerings.
26) Bowl to hold the oil for minchah.
27) Machavas, a frying pan for the minchah.
28) Marcheshes, a deep pot for the minchah
Mazleig and Machatah, tools for cleaning the Menorah.
31) Alas, a vessel to take wine out of a barrel. 

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