Monday, August 18, 2014

Preview of the Temple Mount's Eastern Gateway

Currently I am modeling the eastern gateway of the Temple Mount and the walkway which led from the gateway to the Mount of Olives, further to the east. This gateway was also called the Shushan Gate, named for the depiction of the city of Shushan painted above it which served to remind all those entering this gate that it was the Persian Empire which had granted the Jews permission to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple:

Running along the outside of the eastern Temple Mount wall was a street bordered on its eastern side by the city wall. The elevation of this street would have been much lower than that of the Temple Mount floor:
The walkway to the Mount of Olives would have crossed the city wall and continued east, supported by arches upon arches:


  1. what is the source that there was a street on the eastern side of the har habayis?

  2. I based the archeology here on reconstructions of the city of Jerusalem as described in The Quest by Leen Ritmeyer (


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