Thursday, July 15, 2021

Beis Hamikdash Experience is now online

By popular demand from my mother and others of the general public, the virtual Beis Hamikdash presentation that I helped create for the Daf Yomi siyum of Maseches Yoma is now on my Vimeo page.

Thanks to Kol Rom for providing a copy of the final edit, and thanks to Devorah Elan for preparing the Closed Caption file that accompanies this video.


  1. The Union of Actors Guild noticed that the list of acknowledgements is absent on your recent production. Please be advised that the following positions should be named: photo director, writer, transportation coordinator, casting director, costume designer, set layout, makeup artist, canteen caterers, associate producers, editor, visual effects supervisor, and art director. The complete list can be found in the manual.
    Congratulations to the entire cast, team and crew for an immaculate, concise, scholarly, and engaging presentation.

    Union 301

  2. Excellent presentation and wonderful graphics! Thanks you!

  3. the picture of the whole beis hamikdash seems to be a mirror image.

  4. Very good eye! You are correct. That was an unfortunate oversight that occurred in post production where the animation of the Mikdash was flipped to fill the space on the screen better. I didn't see this until the whole video was already completed.

  5. Thank you so much for closed captioning and I enjoyed watching it. Very impressive presentation!

    1. Glad it helped! I have to say that the CC was mostly done for the benefit of my brother who is hard of hearing, but glad that others got to benefit from it :)

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  7. Simply amazing. Thank you!


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