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This blog is where I would like to share some of the ideas I have come across and thought about which have to do with the Second Beis Hamikdash, a favorite topic of mine. There will be some simple things for a wide audience and also some advanced topics for those people who like to spend time thinking about the Mikdash and its design.


  1. Thank you so much for this blog! Second Bais Hamikdosh is one of my primary interests. I have bookmarked this site and hope to visit frequently.

    Shaya Schonfeld

  2. Glad you are enjoying it. Would love to hear your comments on the posts.

  3. My question is: were Jewish women allowed beyond the Soreg wall? Why was there a Woman's Court? Were Jewish women allowed where the priests sacrificed the animals?

    1. They were. The soreg was only to mark the point beyond which non-Jews, or Jews who were contaminated with corpse-tumah, could go. The Women's Courtyard was so called because it was here that the women, standing on balconies, would gather on the holiday of Succos to watch the Rejoicing of the Water-Drawing. When a woman had a personal offering to bring, she would enter the main Courtyard through the Women's Gate (in the northern wall) and give her offering to the Kohanim.

  4. Hi Rabbi Yoav! Greeting from Korea! The Elohim's Beit is my most interested topic in the Bible. How can I use your project? I would like to introduce your teaching works to Koreans. I want to buy logo Temple, and also I want to translate your temple project into Korean language. How can I do this project. You are the most wonderful man of Elohim.

  5. Hi,

    Would you know please how thick the walls to around the Azara and Ezras Noshim were? I have guesstimated that it would be between 3 to 6 amos thick but I am not sure. I cannot find a raiya anywhere. The Gates i believe were 1 ama thick and the mezuza needed to affix the gate would have taken up 1 ama.
    Also were the walls of har habayis wider and if so how much. If you know please will you to let me know.
    Thanks so much
    Yosef Ber

  6. R' Yosef Ber, thanks for your comment. Your guesstimate is very accurate because I believe that the walls were 5 amos thick. You can read more about the wall thickness at this post


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