Sunday, December 28, 2014

Introductory Slideshow for Maseches Tamid

On Thursday, December 25, 2014, I presented a slideshow at Kehillas Kol Torah in Baltimore. The head of their night seder chaburah, R' Shlomo Wiener, asked if I could give an introductory shiur on Maseches Tamid which they were to begin the following week.

The slideshow that I prepared was a walk-through of the Beis Hamikdash with special emphasis on those areas used in the daily avodah, including the Hall of the Fire, the Chamber of Utensils, the Chamber of the Chavitin-Makers, and the Chamber of Hewn Stone, among many others. I also had an opportunity to present my findings about the height of the Temple walls as determined by the two rings used to slaughter the Tamid-offering.

The Kol Torah night seder chaburah also has some out-of-town members and in order to allow them to view this slideshow it was recorded on video, below (thank you to Eli Ciment for the camera work). Shooting a video of a bright screen in a darkened room turned out to be challenge for the camera, so the results are a bit fuzzy. To make up for what the camera couldn't capture, I am adding many of the slides to a separate Picasa album where people can go to see them in full resolution.

(At 27:55 a few seconds of video/audio were lost.)
For more details about the animations shown at the end of the slideshow, please see this post.


  1. The slideshow link does not work? Is there anyway to get the Powerpoint of the slides?

    1. Sorry about the broken link. I haven't had a chance to recreate the album elsewhere yet and I'll update the link when I do.


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