Friday, December 5, 2014

Jbrick: Custom, Jewish-Themed LEGO® Sets

I am pleased to announce that Yitzy Kasowitz, a colleague of mine in the field of LEGO®-inspired Jewish education, has started a new company called jbrick which produces custom, Jewish-themed LEGO® sets. Yitzy, who lives in Saint Paul, MN, has the dream job of designing LEGO® sets for Brickmania which specializes in historical and military models. While working at Brickmania, Yitzy has honed his building skills and developed many new and advanced techniques. His work at Brickmania has been featured in museums and LEGO® events throughout the country. Companies such as Brickmania and now jbrick use only authentic LEGO® components and combine these into models that are not available in the standard LEGO® line of sets.

Jbrick Menorah sets packed
and ready for shipping.
Just in time for Chanukah Yitzy has released his very first set, a 3-in-1 Menorah. This high-quality set features advanced building techniques with color instructions for two different styles of Menorahs and a dreidel with coins. It contains 96 pieces and the Menorah stands over 8 inches high. One thing about custom LEGO® sets is that the LEGO® Company does not allow consumers to buy bricks wholesale. This means that parts have to be located and purchased through retail outlets and each custom set is put together by hand, literally counting out the pieces one at a time. This means that quantities are limited, so order yours before stock runs out!

One thing I have discovered in the process of building and sharing my own LEGO® models is that I am not the only one who wants to build a LEGO® Beis Hamikdash! Yitzy would like to do his own version of the Temple in minifig size, or about 1/35 scale, admitting that it will take many thousands of bricks, hours, and dollars, but perhaps that commission will come along soon. I hope that Yitzy will continue to get the word out about using LEGO® to teach about Judaism and I wish him and his new company much success.

Jbrick Menorah featured in a LEGO® holiday display.
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