Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Behind the Scenes: Beis Hamoked Basement

I am in the process of importing my 3D model of the
Beis Hamikdash into the Unity game engine. Although many of the models that were used to create the images for my book already exist, the app is going to allow the user to explore the entire Beis Hamikdash and so many more areas have to be created. Here is a sneak peek at one of those new scenes.

When the Chashmonaim returned to the Beis Hamikdash after driving out the Syrian Greeks, they were appalled to discover that the Mizbeyach had been used for pagan worship. The Jews decided to dismantle the entire Mizbeyach and build a new one, and they moved the stones from the original Mizbeyach to the cavernous area beneath the floor of the Azarah. This area could be accessed from the Beis Hamoked, and some of the Mizbeyach stones were actually kept in the Beis Hamoked as a reminder of the great Chanukah miracle.

Underground storage of the defiled Mizbeyach stones (work in progress)

There is currently no roof on the basement so in the screen capture below you will see the passageways illuminated by bright Yerushalayim sunshine. This will soon be changed to torchlight.



  1. למה לא לעשות מודל של בית מקדש השלישי. Why not make 3d model renditions of possible third mikdash layouts based on descriptions

    1. Thank for your comment. Although we have a description of the Third Beis Hamikdash in the book of Yechezkel, the Rambam says it is not clear what the verses mean. As far as making models, I would rather make a model of the Second Beis Hamikdash that we know more about, rather than guess at what the Third will look like.

    2. you can go to https://beishamikdosh.weebly.com/third-beis-hamikdash.html for images of a third beis hamikdash model (according to Rashi)


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